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Woohoo, you’re in! I am so excited that you’ve said YES to yourself, and YES to creating impact with your business and your brand. You’re ready to turn that passionate entrepreneurial dream into a gorgeous, memorable and distinctive BRAND that truly represents who you are, what you do, and how you create impact for your audience! First things first, be sure you've added me as a "safe sender" in your email account so you don't miss a thing. Here's how it will work: This is a self-paced course, so now you can binge on it all Netflix style, OR you can choose to do one day at a time! You will still get a daily email each day for 5 days, reminding you to stick with it - because the last thing I want is for this training to collect dust inside your virtual library. All you need to do is complete each day of the training here inside the program and do the work! Last but not least, HAVE FUN! This should not be a stressful experience for you. I want you to enjoy the process and TRUST that what comes out for you at the end of 5 days will be something that lights you up and brings you joy!

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Dawn Te Whata
Dawn Te Whata




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